About Michael

Michael is an industry expert, specialised in brand identity design and web development.

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Michael Reimann

Education & Experience

I’m always looking for a new design challenge to help make your brand flourish!

2011 – 2013

B.A. Degree – Creative Brand Communication

After matriculating, Michael found his passion in brand strategy and creative brand communications at Vega School of Brand Leadership, specialising in Multimedia Design.

2012 (2 months)


During his studies, Michael worked as an intern for Native VML – a prominent digital marketing agency in Johannesburg and was exposed to user experience design and development.


Honours Degree – Brand Management

In 2014, Michael completed his Honours Degree in Brand Management at the same institution with a focus on economics, finance and management.


Space Agency

Towards the end of his Honours, Michael was head-hunted by Space Agency in Braamfontein, Johannesburg to work as a brand specialist, creative and multimedia designer.

2016 – 2017

Apprentice & Multimedia Designer

In 2016, Michael took a year away from branding and design to work as an apprentice. Soon enough, however, he returned to his passion and was put in charge of branding and advertising for each ministry.

2018 – Present

Design and Management at Reimann Brand

Michael went on to run his own design agency in 2018, working with a diverse set of small businesses as a consultant and Multimedia designer, offering branding solutions to help them grow.

Branding and Web Design

Client Reviews

“Immense Knowledge"

"It really is great to work with someone who is patient and accommodating while having an immense knowledge. As Michael is concerned - it must be done right!"

Chris Waldron
K9 Training Centre

“work ethic & honesty”

"Michael is always accommodating of our ideas, unless it infringes on certain design principles. I highly recommend him for his work ethic and honest approach."

Lynn Logie
Deneys Trading Post

"Excellent design"

"Whether digital or printed marketing, Michael always seems to understand exactly what we need and is able to deliver excellent design and on time every time."

Shaun Storer


"Michael listens to what his client wants and is able to adapt to the requirements and needs of his clients. I would recommend him and his work very highly."

Martin Morrison
Christ Church Midrand