Option 1

Design Concept & Artwork

The logo insignia (symbol) resembles a track while imitating the letter lower case letter ‘i’ from the typography. It also communicates the idea of a trend or graph. The diagonal positioning gives the sense of forward momentum and action.

Option 2

Design Concept & Artwork

The logo insignia plays on the idea of a running track while also strongly communicating synergy and stability. The various segments of the symbol resemble different data elements that when combined to form a whole, provide direction and guidance for the future.

Option 3

Design Concept & Artwork

The circular symbol resembles the shape of an eye while the details show the corner of a track as well as a horizon. The upward direction of the shapes within circle communicate progress and a positive future. The dot plays on the ‘i’ in the name while also representing the face of a person.

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